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We make frames to suit you and your home.

When framing your artwork, we start by ascertaining an idea of the style of your home. Is it light and bright? A modern home? Or a more traditional, darker style? Does your home feature bold colours? Will the picture be displayed in a room with lots of natural light? Or a kitchen or bathroom? All this information help us to understand your framing requirements. We then begin looking at the many different moulding styles and mount colours, as well as the type of glass: normal, non-reflective glass or UV Clarity glass, for example.

Need more than a picture framed?

We are experts in bespoke framing solutions for any item or object you want to display.

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We have the largest selection of framing options in Essex

We have over 1000 different frames (mouldings) profiles and hundreds of different mount colours. This helps to give you as many options as possible to not only match your artwork, but also bring out the other colours in your home, ensuring that the finished product matches its surroundings


Our suppliers are industry leaders, supplying ethically sourced and sustainable materials.

Some of our suppliers:

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